#forgetRoads - next generation cargobikes by anywhere.berlin

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#forgetRoads is our mission

We offer the groundbreaking vehicle to deliver mobility! No need for roads. No need for shell. Sustainable mobility for our planet, on every little brown path.
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Cargobikes are useful bikes - we all know. Endless applications are covered: delivery, familiy, shopping, general transportation and fun.
We at Anywhere.Berlin take cargobikes to the next level:
Imagine everything you can do with cargobikes, but truly offroad. 2x26" fat wheels / two motors / 60x80cm cargo area / min. 100kgs load ...







Next Steps

Our first prototype is finished and riding the monster is fun. Currently we are working on the next frame version. Several major and minor changes will be applied, mainly he extention of the cargo area to accept a 120cm long europallet.

Follow the building process at facebook and stay tuned.